You don't need to be a Ninja to earn from your stream.

Easily collaborate with top brands and monetize your stream with effortless, real-time ads.
You play, we pay.

Let the show begin!

Ads don’t have to cramp your style.

Our immersive ads are a good kind of intrusive. They won’t come between you and your audience and are actually more likely to bring you closer together. Check out these videos to see how it works.

Why Show?

simple to get paid

It’s simple

Simple to set up, simple to manage, simple to get paid.

Your Show

Customized immersive ads that feel like part of your stream.

It’s social

Be part of a community of like-minded streamers! 

How it works

We pride ourselves on being the easiest solution around. Here’s how it works:

Create your account.

Sign up by using your Twitch account. We will never use your personal information without your permission.

Select campaigns to run.

Use the dashboard to manage the ads that you want to show on your channel. Approve ads from brands you trust and block ads that don’t suit your values.

Go live.

No need to prepare anything ahead of time. Our engine does the work for you displaying the most relevant ad at the right time to elicit authentic feedback from you and your viewers.

Collect your earnings.

Earn from viewers seeing your ad or clicking on your custom link. Have your earnings paid to you over Paypal or a bank transfer.

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