We are Show

Show, backed by Nielsen, was founded to revolutionize how brands and content creators come together and create successful and meaningful partnerships.

We want every streamer to have the opportunity to monetize their stream effortlessly, and every brand to reach the audience it desires in a way that appeals to both sides.

We are a team of gaming and ad tech experts

We believe in the power of effortless and engaging advertising, especially when it comes to live streaming. As consumers of live stream broadcasts ourselves, we became frustrated with the options available in the market today so we came up with Show.

Shay Karpeles
CEO, Co-Founder

Shay is an avid gamer, devoted to breaking the glass ceiling that restrains young streamers everywhere in their attempts to monetize their passion. With vast experience in the gaming and ad industries, and a Master’s degree in Economics, Shay plans to turn Show into the go-to monetization platform for all streamers.

Ori Arditi
CTO, Co-Founder

Ori is responsible for everything technical here at Show. Powered by his love for gaming and vast experience in ad tech, his goal is to develop the best possible monetization solution for professional gamers. Before Show, Ori led multiple development teams in various roles in startups in the AdTech and GovTech sectors.

Shmuel Ur
CSO, Co-Founder

Shmuel is Show’s chief scientist. With 40 years of experience in innovation and more than 150 granted patents, Shmuel’s aim is to propel Show forward and help its partners reach their goals creatively yet efficiently. It helps that he also has a Ph.D. in algorithms from Carnegie Mellon University and over 60 professional publications.

Fida Zourob
Head of Community

Fida is the community leader at Show and her passion is to build gaming communities from the ground up. Fida aspires to empower women in the games industry, and in her free time she leads the Women in Games Discord community. In the past Fida was the branch manager for she codes at Microsoft while managing their community team.

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