Twitch: Modern Television

Twitch’s Birth Stage Justin Kan, a Yale University graduate, is the founder of today’s billion dollar company, During Kan’s time in university, he established his first company, Kiko Software, which was an online calendar with similar features and uses as Google’s calendar. With this company’s flopped success, Kan and his team sold the company […]

What do you get when you marry personalized and influencer advertising?

Jenny enjoys sharing her cooking prowess. She just had a great stream displaying her new pie recipes. 134 watched, a new record! She knows many of her viewers; George is from Chicago and constantly asks her to repeat in ounces and pounds or whatever units he’s using; Josephine is from Paris, she sends ooohs and […]

Finding Your Niche on Twitch

Twitch As Your Platform For Content Drawing in nearly two million broadcasters every month and boasting over 100 million active users, both viewers and streamers, Twitch has become the premier platform for daily live content consumption. With data retrieved from Streamlabs, Twitch holds a massive 43% share in all video game content revenue and generates […]

Future of Twitch

Future Focused: What’s the Sitch with Twitch? It’s been quite a while since Twitch hit the scene, and it didn’t take too long for it to become clear that it was here to stay. Becoming what is unarguably the largest livestreaming platform available, it begs the question: “what keeps Twitch such an unassailable giant after […]

Scheduling, Streaming, Sleeping

“Life-work balance.”  Now, I know what you’re thinking. Shouldn’t it be work-life balance? Let me explain the difference and why one motto is preferable over the other. “Work-life balance” implies that work comes before actually living. Contemporary society seems to feed off of hustle culture and check off as many things as possible on a […]

Why Self-Branding is Important for Your Streams

What is self-branding and why is it important? Self-brand is like fusing perceptions of yourself with perceptions of how others see you. Ultimately, it can be a great way to help control perceptions, and it’s especially apparent during the pandemic as digital presence becomes more important than ever. Platforms like Zoom have been integrated into […]

Power Of Gaming influencers You Should Know About

Gaming Companies Should Listen to their Community

Gaming influencers are thriving, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Read all about gamers’ presence on Twitch, how many viewers they have; who are the leading gamers that live stream throughout their gaming sessions, and how they make revenue. The growth seen in the gaming industry in the last few months can be directed to […]

Christopher Honour: Blizzard Entertainment Community Manager In the Spotlight

Christopher Honour is Blizzard Entertainment’s community manager. In a special interview, He gives a straightforward view of the role. Honour provides valuable insights from his experience on how to work as a community manager. For our first Spotlight, let me introduce you to Christopher Honour, Community Manager of Blizzard Entertainment’s Latin American Team. During our […]

Gameplay surges and deal-making flows

The gaming industry is expanding. Investments are made, leading to large acquirements, insuring that the e-gaming industry is not a game. One of the biggest acquisitions was by Microsoft for ZeniMax Media which owns smaller game developer businesses. Microsoft has recently reached an agreement with ZeniMax Media to take over for $7.5 billion. This deal […]

Gaming and Esports is Brands’ New Playground

Brands have recently entered the esports and gaming sphere. They have already founded creative partnerships, changing the gaming world and turning it into their own playground. If money makes the world go ’round, brands are the energy supply that spins it. The companies we identify with and choose to stick to constantly influence our decisions—whether […]