Tips and Habits for Successful Gaming Sessions

Tips and Habits for Successful Gaming Sessions

As gaming continues to grow in popularity amongst the masses, people in all walks of life enjoy playing games for fun or competitively. From your smartphone, console, portable gaming devices, or PCs, there are many different types of games for you to experience. There are casual games like Minecraft to incredibly heart racing, sweaty games […]

How Society Views Gaming

There has long been a negative stigma attached to gamers and how they are as people. Staying inside your room (or mom’s basement) day in, and day out with demeaning physical features; this stereotype is shown on the popular adult cartoon show, South Park, in their “Make Love, Not Warcraft” episode. Years and decades ago, […]

Gameplay surges and deal-making flows

The gaming industry is expanding. Investments are made, leading to large acquirements, insuring that the e-gaming industry is not a game. One of the biggest acquisitions was by Microsoft for ZeniMax Media which owns smaller game developer businesses. Microsoft has recently reached an agreement with ZeniMax Media to take over for $7.5 billion. This deal […]